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How far will you travel?
Our playing area includes Charlotte and the surrounding area within a 35 mile radius.

Are your rates cheaper to play a wedding or party on a weekday as opposed to a Saturday?
No, our rates are the same whether your event is on a weekday or weekend, and are non-negotiable. We put the same time and effort into your event regardless of the day it is on.

What instruments are in a string quartet? 
A string quartet consists of 2 violins, viola and cello. Joseph Haydn, who is credited with the “invention” of the string quartet, established the standard instrumentation around 1750.

What do you require at the venue? 
The quartet requires 4 upright chairs without arms (folding chairs are fine), a space about 8 feet by 8 feet, and if the lighting is low, we require access to an electrical source within 10 feet. We also need to be in an area that people do not walk through.

Will you play outdoors? 
Yes. Our only concerns are the safety of the instruments and the ability to provide quality music. We cannot play outside if the temperature is below 55F degrees or above 95F degrees. We are happy to play outside as long as we are not in direct sunlight or in precipitation.

How do the musicians dress? 
The dress is formal unless otherwise specified: men in tuxedos and women in black and white or all black.

How far in advance should we book the quartet?
We encourage you to book as early as is feasible, since the majority of weddings take place on weekends.

When there are multiple requests for the same date/time we commit to the client that signs a contract and submits the deposit first.

Can I change the music selections?
Up to three weeks before your event you may change your selection(s). Please, no last minute requests.

Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?
Sorry, we do not perform with guest instrumentalists or singers. Accompanying soloists in the past led to a serious compromise of our artistic standards and we feel that we can no longer do that.

Do we need to meet in person?
It is actually not necessary to meet in person. All details can be addressed via phone, or email, but, if you prefer meeting in person, Emily can certainly do that.

Will the quartet attend the wedding rehearsal?  
We do not attend wedding rehearsals. We are adept in timing the music to the right length. Rehearsals are more for the placement of the people in the wedding as opposed to music timing.

Should I have music before my ceremony?
We recommend prelude music one-half hour before the start time of the ceremony, whether in a church, synagogue, or hotel. This provides beautiful music and sets a festive, elegant mood for your guests as they arrive and wait for the wedding ceremony to begin.

How do I choose the prelude music?
It is not necessary for you to choose all the prelude music, unless of course you want to. If you give us an idea of the type of ambience you wish to create using a few examples, we can select the appropriate music. You can also click here to view songs we've played in the past.

How many pieces should I choose for the processional?
For a Christian or non-denominational wedding, you might have three separate pieces: one for the entrance of the mothers, one for the bridal party, and finally one for the entrance of the bride. This will be determined by the size of the bridal party and the venue. Emily will help you with this decision during a phone consultation.

For a Jewish wedding, often there are two pieces: one for the entrance of the rabbi, family elders, groom and his parents, and bridal attendants, and another for the entrance of the bride and her parents. On occasion, the Rabbi or cantor will vocalize through their own entrance, and then the quartet will begin for the rest of the entrances and for the recessionals.

Do we need to know how long the music will be in order to time our entrances to finish with the music? 
No, you can leave that up to us. We have lots of built in repeats in our music and we are very skilled in ending the music at just the right time. We need only know how many people are processing to each piece of music.

Can I have music during my ceremony?
During a Christian ceremony, there is often room for short pieces of music: after readings, during the lighting of the unity candle, and of course communion or parts of the Mass. We recommend asking your officiator about these too, as there are certain pieces of music that may not be appropriate.

During a Jewish ceremony, there is generally no music from the string quartet. Often the cantor, if present, will sing here.

How many pieces do I choose for the recessional?
In general, there would be one piece performed during the exit of the entire wedding party, and one or two more for the exit of your guests, which keeps the ambiance going.